Weekly Property Checks

We offer weekly property checks for homes and cottages. Our services can easily be tailored to the length of time you are away.

Our weekly checks can be personalized to meet your needs.

Generally, weekly checks include:

  • An exterior walk around the property
  • An interior walk through, checking doors and windows
  • Appliance checks
  • Mechanical systems checks
  • Toilets flushed
  • If water is on, faucets are run
  • Temperature adjustments

24 Hour Alarm Management Service: we are happy to check a property anytime the alarm goes off; we work directly with the alarm service as the local contact

45 North Management Property Care
45 North Yacht Management Harbor Springs

Cleaning/Detailing Services include:

  • Weekly exterior wash and dry
  • Morning wipe down
  • Interior cleaning and detailing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Buffing and waxing
  • Tender cleaning
  • Vinyl cleaning
  • Teak maintenance
  • Stainless polishing
  • Post-trip laundry service
  • Auto detailing